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Teaching is one of my greatest joys. I won the University's Ph.D. Capstone Teaching Award in 2020 for outstanding teaching performance throughout my PhD studies. 


  • International Political Economy 

  • International Organizations 

  • Introduction to International Politics

Past Teaching Experiences


  • (Graduate seminar) Challenges to International Cooperation, Co-instructor, Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

  • International Political Economy, Spring 2021


Guest Lecturer

  • Introduction to International Relations (Topic: IPE-trade),  Spring 2017

  • International Development and Cooperation (Topic: International Organizations), Summer 2019

Head Teaching Assistant

  • Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2020

  • Terrorism, Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant

  • Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2015

  • Introduction to International Relations, Spring 2016

  • Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2016

  • (Grader and Writing Mentor) International Development and Cooperation, Summer 2019

Selected Student Comments

Effective teaching for long-lasting intellectual foundation


"I think she did a really great job of explaining the material not only verbally but also through visuals [board writing, pictures, graphs, films]. I think she is very, very knowledgeable and definitely helped me be successful in this course."

“Sujeong consistently made us worksheets to fill out with important course topics that were incredibly helpful. She clearly explained important information and created a safe space for dialogue. She was very willing to answer questions, but also challenged the group to answer questions for themselves. I looked forward to going to her sections because the work we did within them was very meaningful in preparing me for exams and better understanding information related to international relations outside the classroom.”

“You [Sujeong] have been the best TA and made the online learning enjoyable. I came into college, not knowing much about international relations. Now, I absolutely love the study and I am taking more classes in the field next semester. Thank you for igniting this passion.”


Learning to analyze and evaluate arguments 

“Particularly, I enjoyed the class on the IMF because we simulated the negotiation process that helped me understand why the IMF would impose harsh conditions for [its] funding. It was also an eye-opening experience to talk about China’s and the U.S.’s different perspectives on various issues.”

“The TA [Sujeong] was incredibly passionate about the subject matter and was great at breaking down really broad and complex processes.”


Building a safe classroom 

“I always felt free to share in class without fear of being wrong. The discussion was run very well.”

“I felt that she [Sujeong] was very good at creating an environment where students could reach out for any questions, extensions, or any other accommodations. I also felt that they did a very good job at presenting the information in a very clear and engaging way”


Caring and accessibility 

“Extremely easy to approach and discuss with. She [Sujeong] is very knowledgeable and led the class very well. Even when there was little engagement and participation she was extremely helpful in helping us understand the themes of the course. I appreciated the way that she conducted the course and enjoyed her as an instructor. Super willing to help. She was fantastic.”

“Sujeong was very welcoming and made office hours available and accommodating more time.”

“I appreciate her dedication to helping us despite the challenging semester (due to COVID).”

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